About – Tracy Callaghan

Profile & Qualifications

I have been a psychotherapeutic counsellor for 22 yrs.

I am a BACP (accred) member.

Hello there, welcome to my website.

Humour is a big part of who I am as a person, and I believe that comedy and tragedy are closely linked.
If you decide to work with me, expect to be challenged In a kind sensitive and where appropriate humourous way. I find thinking in depth with another person stimulating, rewarding and refreshing.
I have common sense and can see the irony in a situation. Through years of personal therapy I have developed my emotional intelligence and I’m happy to share this with you.

I know it can sometimes feel difficult to make the decision to access counselling, so
please contact me to book a free 15 minute phone call, if you would like to ask any questions or make an enquiry.

I feel that having personal therapy is a positive act of self love.

Together we can work to create a personal plan of work which best suits your requirements. Whether it be exclusive talking therapy or a combination of talking plus creative therapeutic approaches.

I don’t aim to fit you into my way of working, My aim is to find out from you, how you tick and what might best assist you to move towards your goals.
I aim to offer a calm and confidential environment where you can explore concerns that are troubling you, without fear of being judged or criticised.
In a safe environment, thoughts and feelings can be explored and repeated patterns of behaviour identified, some of which may have a bearing on your current Problem.

I have a wealth of experience which includes roles such as

Creative clinical supervisor and emotional support for an NHS senior midwifery team.

Clinical supervisor for a team working for Hackney council.

Clinical supervisor for RADA.

Lecturer in Counselling for City & Islington college.

Senior Counsellor for the largest substance misuse agency in the UK..

I was the therapeutic part of Hackney Star Bright specialist team, a service provided by Hackney DAAT to provide access to specialist group work and parenting support, especially where this forms part of a child protection or child in need plan.

I am a member of LPCP ‘London Psychotherapists and Counsellors Partnership’ We are a group of experienced therapists motivated to pursue and provide opportunities for continuing professional development.

I am an Islington based counsellor working with clients that are suffering from stress and depression due in part, to living in the centre of London, through to those who have faced multiple trauma.