Supervision & Tuition

Educational Based Work

Tutor / Trainer

I teach ‘creative ways of working’ ‘ group facilitation,’ ‘Boundaries’ ‘ alcohol and sustance misuse’ ‘Integrative Counselling’ and ‘ethical and social issues.’
I am a tutor at the Existential ‘New school.’
I am an hourly paid lecturer at City & Islington College
I train professionals in Hackney for the Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT).

Clinical Supervision

I offer creative clinical supervision and Counselling supervision to individuals and groups within the counselling and
social care fields. I work with therapists, teachers, nurses, practitioners, team leaders and management.
As a creative clinical supervisor I work towards providing a regular space for supervises to reflect upon the content and the process of their work to
ensure that as a person and as a worker you are not left to carry unnecessary difficulties, problems or projections on your own. I provide a safe confidential space for you to explore and express personal distress, transference or counter-transference that maybe brought up by the work. My
aim is to help you to plan and utilise personal and professional resources better. I will assist you to be able to be pro-active rather than reactive.