Pandemic feedback from giving emotional support and supportive supervision
"Having Tracy to speak to has massively helped with the emotional toll of my role. I hear a lot of trauma from both Women and midwives and without a safe space to talk things through I know I wouldn’t be able to continue in my roll. Having this support has ensured that my emotional wellbeing is taken care of and I am able to reflect on the cases that I deal with. Tracy is warm, friendly, approachable, funny, realistic and most importantly caring. I feel that she hears me. Tracy’s techniques have been built into my day to day life- deep breathing, mindfulness, tapping technique and they have helped me within my role.

I have valued tracy’s sessions. I contacted Tracy on one occasion where I was dealing with emotional secondary trauma from work and Tracy took the time to have an extra session as I was struggling to stop the constant thoughts and the negative impact it was having on me. This was Tracy going above and beyond for me to ensure that I was emotional well. I really appreciated this!

I found the referral process for this really fast, and came at a time where I was completely emotionally burnt out. Was great that I didn’t have to wait months to start working on that.

My job is incredibly emotionally demanding, and it has been so beneficial to have space to talk about that, as well as things in my personal life which become impossible to manage when work is so overwhelming (like spinning too many plates at once).

I think without this weekly therapy, I may have ‘cracked’ this year (Covid has really been the final nail in the coffin as far as baseline anxiety goes), and needed to take time off work. There’s no one to cover my role should this happen, so I don’t know what the impact on the service would have been, but it won’t be easy or beneficial to women or colleagues.

Tracy was able to offer appointments that fit well round my work schedule.

Referrals to iapt in the past have been difficult to manage because being offered an appointment on a certain day and time doesn’t work with our shifts. So I’ve never been able to attend.

Referral was made by email and we started the next day. This was a quick access to help.

I had a difficult work situation which left me overcome with emotion. I contacted Tracy and got an appointment the next morning. I was able to process my feelings. I got lots of useful strategies to move my work situation forward. I was helped to understand my part in the situation and I learnt how useful boundaries could be. It made going back into work easier because I had processed my feelings.

Overall found this service helpful. Tracy is supportive and non-judgemental, she allowed me to see things from another perspective, and also helped me to develop coping strategies when I’m really struggling. She has also helped to point me in the right direction to make positive changes to my mental and emotional health.The referral process could have been quicker, however once this was done it was easy to contact Tracy directly.

I was suffering with anxiety/depression and burnout due to having a stressful job which was exacerbated by coronavirus.

Speaking to Tracy weekly has been the most helpful thing I have ever done. Tracy has helped me develop methods to cope with my feelings and I look forward to speaking to her each week.

I strongly believe if I didn’t have Tracy I would have ended up seeing my GP and being signed off work with mental health concerns.

What really helped was that I was able to see her quickly once my manager recognised I needed support with my mental health, rather than being put on a long waiting list.

I can just say thank you. When we first met I had little hope of being me again but the therapy has been extremly useful. I love you are part of a team and actually you did offer me therapy on my first language and arrenging or changing appoitments has been very convinient and easy.

The therapy on the phone has been easier that what i thought and provide in somehow a safe place to talk.

I have felt very supported during this tough months at eork and in my personal life.

I just wanted to send you a little thank you for the councilling I received through your service.

Firstly, you got me through shielding during the first lockdown, I was in a bad way emotionally when I first came to you. I felt isolated and lonely as I was unable to spend time with my partner and it was a real struggle managing my team from home. Sending them in to COVID positive households made me feel very bad whilst I was being protected.

I felt better and we had a break and then I was subject to a very scary incident at work, thank you for helping me to work through my emotions and to make me stronger.

And an even bigger thank you for helping me to work on my boundaries, it’s a work in progress but again, talking to you has helped me with my boundaries but has lessened the guilt I take with me for a lot of my life.

I also thank Homerton for employing you in these unprecedented times."
Boundary training feedback from Council out reach team
"I found the Boundaries Training really empowering. It gave me a good understanding of how working in a boundaried way can benefit my practice and lead to good outcomes for my clients whilst protecting myself from the adverse effects of clients' trauma and challenges of working in the front line. It also helped me to reflect on my individual practice and look more widely at the work of the whole service exploring its consistency, cohesion and overall effectiveness for clients. Tracy, who is a very experienced counsellor and facilitator, used a range of practical tools and reflective methods to make the training interesting, interactive and beneficial for all. I would highly recommend this training to any front line professional and care worker.

Relevant and practical, helped me understand more in regards to my role. Questionings were welcomed, real situations were explored. I came away much more confident about boundaries, and all done with a great sense of humour and made to be both fun and certainly not boring. Not a training session where you are wishing lunch break would hurry up!

I found the training very enlightening. Some of the exercises were so relevant to the issues we face on a day to day basis. It really highlighted the fact that when there were no healthy boundaries in place engagement with the client could become counter-productive. Since adopting some of the learning from the training I have seen evidence of what progress can be made with clients when healthy boundaries are in place. Contrary to our fears of clients withdrawing or disengaging, clients have respected and accepted decisions and the worker client relationship has improved. "
Dr Marco Cortez April ‘22
"Tracy is an excellent manager and therapist, who is always willing to help the others to get insightful new ideas. She was the best therapist from my team when we used to work together managing one of the biggest addiction counselling services in London. If you are looking for a caring, professional and challenging therapist, Tracy is your person."
2012- ongoing
"I honestly believe that Tracy has saved my life. Without her incredible guidance and support, I know that I would have not made it through the difficult situations that I did and would not be the person that I am today. Tracy guided me through leaving an abusive relationship and helped me manage the recovery that came after; most importantly she helped me believe in myself again. When I first entered therapy I felt like a lost child and filled with fear, but now I am a strong adult woman who has finally started to believe in her own worth. Throughout my years with her I have learned more about myself and changed more than I ever thought possible. I will forever be grateful for the amazing therapy experience I have had and continue to have."
2012- ongoing
"I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy both online and in person for many years. She creates a safe and supportive therapeutic space for exploring whatever is going on in my world and always responds with empathy, understanding, (and a fantastic sense of humour). She is always thinking outside the box, offering analogies or metaphors to help me better understand various experiences and how I relate to them, making issues of mental health feel relatable, accessible and instantly more manageable. I immediately felt at ease with her from my first session and cannot recommended her highly enough."