Guided Imagery

Therapuetic Approaches

Guided Imagery is a technique used by many natural or alternative medicine practitioners as well as some physicians and psychologists for aiding clients and patients to use mental imagery to help with anything from healing their bodies with Cancer guided imagery to solving problems or reducing stress.

Guided Imagery is not limited to physical problems or health issues and is commonly used for emotional healing or psychological issues. It can help resolve emotional wounds, low self-esteem issues, and even help support a person with career goals. Guided Imagery is sometimes considered a form of hypnotherapy. Simple imagery suggestions are given to a client by a trained practitioner typically in a one-on-one fashion, however, it is sometimes done in group sessions. The offering of a series of image suggestions depends upon the needs of the individual. The image suggestions given to a client often involve effective breathing and relaxing techniques at the start of the session, and then progresses further through the main course of the patient’s problem by providing a direction toward the solution.