Inner Child Therapy

Therapuetic Approaches

This is a method of therapy where the Inner Child (We all have one) can be accessed, and negative conditioning’s, traumas, etc can be positively addressed. The Child within is a wonderful part of us; spontaneous; fun; mischievous; the sparkling part of our personality. The contra aspect is that the child within can throw tantrums, behave unreasonably or inappropriately.

If there has been trauma or damage in childhood, the spontaneous inner child is damaged, and cannot find an outlet; depriving many of the enjoyment and fun that brings. If there has been negative conditioning in childhood, ie the child continually told he/she is “Stupid”, “worthless”, or “you will never amount to much ” … the adult will always have low self esteem/worth, and never believe they can achieve.

If they do achieve, they will class it as an accident, or a lucky mistake …. It is important to replace negative childhood conditioning with something more positive, and to allow the adult personality/will to be in control, not the damaged and defensive child’s.

Childhood traumas are often ignored, or swept under the carpet, by adults around them. Family bereavements etc were seldom explained to children a few years ago, therefore the child’s feelings were never validated, or dealt with. The self worth again is diminished and shadow areas within the psyche established at that stage.

Unless these ARE brought out into the light, looked at and dealt with, they can be crippling and can mean that the bearer will never achieve their full potential. Childhood abuse of any kind can also be dealt with and much of the fear, low self esteem, inhibition and sadness lifted.

Inner child work is a powerful tool and frees and releases hidden emotions within that can lead to all kinds of problems if not dealt with.

Inner Child Work is designed to sensitively and positively deal with these events by healing; not re-traumatising; enabling the client to take back control of their thinking, their behaviours and as a result… their lives.