Person Centered Art Therapy Skills (No drawing skills required)

Therapuetic Approaches

The process of doing art can sometimes help people become more aware of feelings previously hidden from them, or of which they were only partly aware. It can help people become clearer about confused feelings.

Using art can sometimes help people release feelings, e.g. anger and aggression, and can provide a safe and acceptable way of dealing with unacceptable feelings.

It can help people to look at their current situations and at ways of making changes. The ‘framed experience’ (an experience within a boundary, like a picture within a frame) can provide a context to try out or fantasize about possible futures without the commitment of reality.

It can be used to help adults play and ‘let go’ recapturing the ability to play can lead to creativity and health.

The concreteness of the products makes it easier to develop discussion from them. The picture as a separate entity means that therapist and client can relate to each other through looking at the picture together. This is sometimes a less threatening way of confronting issues or relating.